For this high-spec model, high-safety handbrakes have been added to the standard model. Displaying tremendous strength on slopes and rough roads, these brakes provide appropriate speed adjustment and are the buggy's pride. Due to the compact design (maximum width: 53.5 cm), the buggy passes smoothly through train station ticket gates, and the black frame is highly stylish.


Fitting snugly, this rain cover keeps out the rain and wind, ensuring that baby stays comfortable. Conveniently for taking baby in and out of the buggy, the front of the cover opens and closes while attached to the buggy.


The handbrakes on the AIR BUGGY COCO BRAKE model have been jointly developed with KARASAWA, a Japanese brake brand with an excellent reputation worldwide. Simply by grasping the handle it is possible to adjust the running speed, just like on a bicycle.


This drink holder securely holds not only baby bottles but also 500 ml PET bottles and flasks—very convenient for outings.


A firmly independent lock function for when folding up the buggy for storage has been newly added, enabling a more reliably slim storage style.


Maintaining the comfort of COCO tires, this buggy also travels smoothly and lightly over rough roads.



Unfolded: 53.5 cm wide x 96 cm long x 104.5 cm high

Folded up: 53.5 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 82 cm high


Weight: 9.5 kg

Load capacity: up to 20 kg (seat up to 15 kg + luggage up to 5 kg)


For children aged around 3 months (when the child can hold up his/her head) to 3 years of age.


Air Pump

A portable air pump for putting air into the air tires and maintenance. Full specifications, enabling the pump to be used on bicycle tires as well.

Rain Cover

Designed especially for the MIMI AIR BUGGY, this rain cover envelops the buggy completely, so you can go out anytime without worrying about the weather.

Drink Holder

This specially designed drink holder holds not only baby bottles but also 500 ml PET bottles and flasks.

Wrist Strap

Even if you suddenly let go of the handle, the writs strap prevents the buggy from rolling away, protecting baby from harm.