Keeping the same comfortable pushing sensation, while seating two, the COCO DOUBLE. Recommended for both twins and siblings of differing ages. The two seats are capable of reclining separately. At a compact width of 71.5cm, perfect for an intimate day out.


Easy entry and exit from elevators at a width of 71.5cm.


Capable of standing independent when folded up. Doesn’t take up space when storing at home.


The width of only 71.5cm puts this in the smallest class for two-seater strollers. Able to pass through standard doors and elevators with ease.


Equipped with a rain cover that covers all the way down to the feet. Front open/close function allows easy access to baby without the need to remove the cover.


Both seats are able to recline independently of each other. The seats can be conveniently adjusted depending on the situation of either child.



Unfolded: 71.5 cm wide x 90 cm long x 95 cm high

Folded up: 71.5 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 82 cm high


Weight: 13 kg

Load capacity: up to 30 kg


For children aged around 3 months (when the child can hold up his/her head) to 3 years of age.


Air Pump

A portable air pump for putting air into the air tires and maintenance. Full specifications, enabling the pump to be used on bicycle tires as well.

Rain Cover

Designed especially for the MIMI AIR BUGGY, this rain cover envelops the buggy completely, so you can go out anytime without worrying about the weather.

Drink Holder

This specially designed drink holder holds not only baby bottles but also 500 ml PET bottles and flasks.

Wrist Strap

Even if you suddenly let go of the handle, the writs strap prevents the buggy from rolling away, protecting baby from harm.