Please tell us all about AirBuggy’s advantages.

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Please tell us all about AirBuggy's advantages.


Why three wheels?

With a triangular structure,
it is possible for the stroller
to turn in a small radius,
which makes it easy to
transmit the power to move forward.
The excellent handling is a point of pride.


Why so heavy?

Making baby’s safety the first priority,
we focused on lightness when pushing
rather than lightness in overall weight.


What are the benefits
of air tires?

Vibrations are reduced because
the tires are filled with air,
allowing the stroller to
even ride smoothly over uneven surfaces,
moving forward with only a light touch.


Can AirBuggy be folded?

Of course the AirBuggy folds up,
and it can also stand alone.
Folding is a simple three-step operation.


Will AirBuggy fit into
the truck of my car?

Folded up, strollers in the Coco series are
approximately the same size as a suitcase.
Removing the front bar and rear tires makes
the stroller even more compact.


Can AirBuggy be washed?

Please remove the seat and hand wash
in cold or lukewarm water.


Can AirBuggy be
taken on the train?

The average width of station ticket gates
is 55 cm.The Coco Brake and Premier models are
53.5 cm wide, allowing the stroller to pass
smoothly through the gates.


Do I need to inflate the tires?

We recommend that you inflate the tires
around once a month.
For both safety and to ensure
baby’s riding comfort,
please inflate the tires using the air pump provided.


From what age can AirBuggy
be used?

Depending on the series,
AirBuggy strollers can be used for
infants aged three months and older.
The strollers can also be used for newborns
by attaching the Maxi-Cosi® baby seat (sold separately).


Attaching the Maxi-Cosi®

By not only using the Maxi-Cosi® as a car seat
but also attaching it to the stroller, it can
be transformed into a high-seat or face-to-face stroller,
enabling transport of baby while
he/she is asleep in the Maxi-Cosi®.