To all our AirBuggy customers
we guarantee our after-care warranty

Please complete User Registration

AirBuggy strollers and child seat products come with a User Registration Set issued by our company. After purchasing and before using our products, please complete the User Registration. User Registration enables us to provide customers who purchase our products with after-sales service under our official warranty.

  • Frame 2years
  • Seat/Tire 1years

How to register

Please select a registration method from the three methods below.
For details regarding registration methods, please see the Instruction Manual or User Registration Set (included with the product).

1How to register with your PC

From the GMP Online Registration page, please register your customer information and license number (included with the product).

2How to register with your Smartphone

Access the registration site using the QR code on the license sticker (included with the product) and register your customer information.


3How to register with the postal card

Please fill in the required sections on the User Registration Postcard (included with the product) and send the postcard to our company.

Mailing Address:

GMP International Co., Ltd.
TI Building 1-18-5 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 151-0063

The purpose of User Registration is to provide the necessary customer and product information for appropriate after-sales service. With regard to personal information provided to us by customers, we do our utmost to protect customer privacy under our strict personal information management system. In addition, customer information is not used for providing or soliciting sales information without the customer’s permission.

Repair consultations and inquiries

Our baby stroller repairs are conducted at our maintenance center specializing in repairs

In September 2010, our company overhauled our repair system, establishing a general maintenance center. In order to provide after-sales services more efficiently, the company’s Support Desk was made the window for all customer requests for repairs. If you wish to request repairs for AirBuggy products, please apply using the following procedures.

アイコン AIRBUGGYサポートデスク

AirBuggy Support Desk

Please telephone our company’s Support Desk.


Business Hours: Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00

Contact us via Email

Please contact through the Contact Form below.

アイコン よくあるご質問

Frequently Asked Questions

For product FAQs, please refer to the section below.

CASH ON DELIVERY as the ONLY payment method.
Note: To ensure certain contact with and reporting to customers, inquires regarding repairs are only handled over the telephone.
Note: As a general rule, we cannot accept requests for product repairs when the product is brought to a product distributor or directly managed store.
Note: Products sent to us for repair cannot be accepted without prior contact. Please understand that we may refuse to accept such packages, and the package may be returned to the sender unopened.

For detailed information on how to use your AirBuggy, please click here.

Warranty repair process


Call our AirBuggy Support Desk, or consult with us about repairs through the Contact Form.

Please prepare the following items

  • ・Product name
  • ・Store where purchased
  • ・Serial No.
  • ・Part needing repair
  • ・Date of purchase

Support desk staff will check the details of the fault or defect in the product first, and guide you to the company maintenance center if needed.


Send the product to the maintenance center.


You will be notified by the staff after repairs have been completed and the repaired product will be returned to you.

Only cash on delivery is accepted for payment to ensure a fast response to repairs.
Note: Customers can contact us only by phone calls to ensure clarity and to prevent misunderstandings.
Note: Requests for repairs to cooperating retailers and direct AirBuggy stores are generally not accepted.
Note: Requests for repair without prior notification are generally not accepted.
Please note that items may be returned without being accepted in some cases.

Warranty regulations

After-sales services are provided for purchased AirBuggy products in compliance with the following warranty regulations. For details regarding the warranty regulations, please see the Instruction Manual included with the product.


The warranty for AirBuggy products is valid for strollers and molding that make up the products. Except in the case of initial defects, the warranty does not apply to needlework, tires, and other consumable parts; accessories; or optional items sold separately.

Warranty period

Calculating from the date that the customer purchased the item from a store, the warranty for the frame is two (2) years and the warranty for the seat and tires (excluding wear-out parts) is one (1) year.

Warranty content

If the product is defective or breaks under normal use in accordance with the methods prescribed in the Instruction Manual (included with the product), after-sales support services will be provided free-of-charge within the warranty period. However, with the exception of initial defects at the time of purchase, the cost of delivery for products or parts necessary for after-sales support is the responsibility of the customer. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover damage or marks on the product’s external packaging incurred during transportation.

Initial defects

If any manufacturing defects are discovered during an inspection of the AirBuggy product after packaging has been opened and within the one-month warranty period for initial defects after the date of purchase, the defect will be regarded as an initial defect, and after-sales support will be provided free-of-charge accordingly. In the case of initial defects, the cost of delivery for products or parts necessary for after-sales support is the responsibility of our company. However, with regard to defects that are discovered after the warranty period for initial defects has expired but before the product has been used, the cost of delivery for the necessary products or parts are the responsibility of the customer under the terms of the normal warranty.


As a general rule, products cannot be exchanged once they have been opened. However, with regard to unopened products only, exchanges may be made when the exchange is requested within two (2) weeks of the date of purchase. Please note that in such cases any delivery costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Product differences occurring after repair/exchange

Please note that parts used in the repair or exchange of AirBuggy products may differ from parts previously used in the product. These differences do not affect usage of the product in any way.


If any of the following conditions apply, regardless of whether repair services are paid or free-of-charge, the damage or defect is not covered by the warranty.

● The product is a used product that has been passed down from a relative or friend.
● The product was purchased from a parallel store or other store that is not managed directly by our company or an official distributor.
● The product was purchased at an auction or otherwise resold by an individual.
● The product was purchased as a used or second-hand product from a recycling shop or other outlet.
● It cannot be credibly established that the product was purchased from a directly managed store or official distributor.

Cases in which the customer is liable for the cost of repairs

If the following conditions apply, even if the repairs take place during the warranty period when repairs are normally free-of-charge, the customer will be liable for the cost of repairs.

● The damage, malfunction, or defect was caused by improper use that contravenes the methods prescribed in the Instruction Manual.
● The damage, malfunction, or defect was caused by the customer’s negligence.
● The damage, malfunction, or defect was caused by a natural disaster such as flood, fire, or earthquake.
● Scratches, dents, or wear-and-tear caused by the product’s natural deterioration or normal usage.
● Scratches, dents, or wear-and-tear occurring in place where it is deemed they do not pose a problem for normal use of the product.
● Loss of ancillary parts due to the customer’s negligence.

Warranty Application

Our company’s warranties are only valid within Japan.