Air tire maintenance

Air tire maintenance

Air Tire Structure

AirBuggy tires are hollow air tires. With the same structure as bicycle and automobile tires, they are inflated using the air pump (included with the product) to pump air into the inner tubes. With their excellent shock absorption, these air tires provide comfortable travel, simply replenishing the air on a regular basis.

What happens if the air is not replenished?

When air tires are used for an extended period of time, the air gradually escapes. This occurs because the air particles are smaller than the tire particles, and so the air inside naturally escapes from the tires. Using the AirBuggy when the air in the tires is low not only impairs the stroller’s normal performance but can cause problems with the tires. Please check the air in the tires regularly, around once a month, and replenish the air as necessary.

How to inflate the tires

Referring to the video to the right, “Inflating the tires,” try inflating the AirBuggy tires.
*Click the image and a YouTube video will play in a new window.


The protruding part connecting the tire to the pump is called the valve.
When attaching or detaching the air pump to and from the tire, you may notice a hissing sound as air gradually leaks from the tire; this is not a malfunction. AirBuggy uses American valves, which differ from the Japanese valves used on Japanese bicycles. These American valves have a structure that allows the air to leak from the tire when the air pump is attached or detached, but the leaking stops once the air pump has been completely removed. American valves are characterized by substantially less leakage than Japanese valves under normal use. However, because the air leaks when attaching or detaching the air pump, please attach and detach the air pump as quickly as possible.

Problems with air tires

f you use the AirBuggy when air in the tires is low, there is the risk that problems such as the following may occur.

・Tire punctures or air leaks
・Reduced performance due to misalignment of tire parts
・The valve collapsing into the tire

These problems can be prevented by regular replenishment of air in the tires, which ensure safe and proper use of the AirBuggy at all times.

Tire troubleshooting

If the tire buckles…

When the tires are used while the air pressure is low, the tire, tube, and wheel gradually become unaligned, causing the circular tire to buckle in some cases. If this happens, remove all the air from the tire and then return the tire, tube, and wheel to the original positions before re-inflating the tire and checking that the tire is no longer buckled.

If the valve collapses…

If the tires are used when they contain little air, the valve may collapse into the tire. If the valve is completely buried within the tire, not only is it impossible to pump air into the tire but also repairs may be impossible without cutting the tire and tube, so please be careful. Before the valve becomes buried, remove all the air from the tire and return the valve to its original position before re-inflating the tire and checking that the valve is exposed in its original position.

If the tire deflates after only two to three days…

If the tire deflates after several days, even though the air has been replenished, the tube may be worn or the valve cap may be loose. Try using a specialized valve cap driver to tighten the valve cap because this may solve the problem. (Our company provides specialized drives free-of-charge.) If the problem is not resolved even after tightening the valve cap, it is likely that the tire is punctured or the tube is worn. Please visit your local cycle shop or contact our company’s Support Desk.

If the tire punctures…

While in motion, if the tire runs over something sharp, a hole will be made in the tire’s inner tube, allowing the air to escape. If the stroller tire punctures, contact our company’s Support Desk first of all. Our specialist maintenance staff will provide meticulous service ranging from repairing the puncture to checking the condition of the tires and wheels.
*The cost of exchanging parts and shipping tires is the responsibility of the customer.


Please refer to the Support Page

The Support Information on AirBuggy’s official website has a video manual that provides an easy-to-understand, detailed explanation of how to use the AirBuggy, as well as an electronic manual that can be accessed from computers and mobile telephones. If you are unsure of how to use a product or in the unlikely case that you encounter problems, please refer to the Support Page first of all.

AIRBUGGY Support Desk

In order to provide a more smooth aftercare support, our company takes customer repair requests thorough our help desk window. Please don’t hesitate to call us.


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