Questions about AirBuggy

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    In what country is AirBuggy produced?

    AirBuggy is an original Japanese stroller brand produced by us here at GMP International Co., Ltd.
    Starting out as a Japanese agent for Baby Jogger, the original designer of the three-wheel stroller, our company established our own original brand, Airbuggy, out of a desire to provide three-wheel strollers that better match the Japanese lifestyle, and we have developed products based on feedback from customers.

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    What is the difference between a three-wheel and a four-wheel stroller?

    The main difference between the three-wheel style and the four-wheel style is the handling. Strollers move forward with the direction in which they are traveling controlled by the handle. For a four-wheel style stroller with left-and-right front wheels, it is necessary to control each of the front wheels using both hands. In contrast, for a three-wheel style stroller it is possible to control movement with one front wheel positioned as the center of the direction of travel, and so more instinctive handling is possible. Please try out the two styles at a nearby store to experience the difference for yourself.

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    Where can I see AirBuggy products?

    You can see AirBuggy products at our company’s directly managed stores and partnerships located throughout Japan.
    Please check in advance with your local store regarding AirBuggy product displays available at that store.

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    Where can I purchase AirBuggy products?

    AirBuggy products can be purchased at our company’s directly managed stores and partnerships located throughout Japan, as well as over the Internet and telephone.

Questions about products

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    From what age can the AirBuggy be used?

    AirBuggy Coco can be used with children ranging from infants who can hold their head up (around three months of age) to young children aged around four years (until the child weighs 15 kg). For newborns, we recommend that the strollers be used with the Baby Travel System whereby the Maxi-Cosi child seat is attached to a face-to-face stroller.

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    Can the stroller be folded up?

    AirBuggy strollers can be folded up in a fold-in-half-vertical style.
    Hold the folding levers on either side of the handle and push the handle downwards. In order to prevent the stroller from folding up suddenly because of incorrect handling, it is not possible to fold the stroller with only one hand.

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    What is the AirBuggy 4-in-1?

    This is a new concept presented by AirBuggy that applies the AirBuggy stroller frame to transporters other than strollers, such as dog carts and shopping carts. Even after your child has graduated from the stroller, it can still be used for a long time by exchanging the seat for another unit. AirBuggy Coco is a stroller that was developed based on the AirBuggy 4-in-1 concept. For details, please see the AirBuggy 4-in-1.

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    Is it possible to attach/remove the seat and/or canopy (roof)?

    It is possible to attach/remove the seat and/or canopy of the AirBuggy Coco stroller simply with no tools required. Remove the seat for washing (hand-washing is recommended) or replace the cover using the seat set (launched in early 2011; sold separately) to enjoy different color variations.

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    Is the front bar necessary?

    For very young babies, using the stroller with the front bar removed makes it easier to put baby in /take baby out of the stroller. When baby’s waist becomes more stable and begins to lean forward in the seat, we recommend using the front bar. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not the front bar is used, please make sure that baby is always firmly secured by the five-point seatbelt when sitting in the stroller.

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    How much weight (up to how many kilograms) can the shopping basket hold?

    The load capacity of the shopping basket is 5 kg. (Combined with the 15 kg load capacity of the seat, the stroller’s total load capacity is 20 kg.)
    Never place items with sharp points, liquids, or flammable items in the shopping basket.

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    What is required for the Baby Travel System?

    The Maxi-Cosi baby seat for newborns (CabrioFix/Pebble) and adaptor for attaching the baby seat to AirBuggy Coco (sold separately) are necessary components of the system. If you expect to use the Baby Travel System, please check the availability of the adaptor before purchasing the stroller.

Questions about support/maintenance

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    I don’t understand how to use the stroller.

    First of all, check the Instruction Manual (included with the product). If you still have questions after reading the explanation provided in the Instruction Manual, please do not hesitate to ask the Support Desk.
    To ensure safe use of the product, it is important that you check and ask questions rather than being unsure of how to use the stroller.

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    What should I do if the stroller malfunctions?

    Repairs are made at our company’s maintenance center. To request repairs, please contact the Support Desk by telephone or use the online question form. As a general rule, our directly managed stores and partnerships do not provide repair services.

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    What should I do if a tire punctures?

    Either have the puncture repaired at your local cycle store (after checking that they provide repair services) or contact our company’s Support Desk to request a repair. For details regarding puncture repair methods, please click here.

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    How much do repairs cost?

    With regard to malfunctions or defects in products purchased from official stores and that have not yet been used, the malfunction or defect is regarded as an initial defect and repair or exchange services are provided free of charge. For other repair requests, as a general rule there is a repair fee. For details about repair fees, please check with our company’s Support Desk.

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    How long do repairs take?

    The time required to complete repairs depends on the condition of the part or product requiring repair, the availability of the parts required for the repair, and the delivery schedule (taking weekends and public holidays into account). In the case of minor parts exchanges, such as for a punctured tire, repairs take around three days at minimum, taking delivery schedules into account. For other repairs, please check with our Support Desk.

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    We lost a part.

    If you lose a part from an AirBuggy product, first of all, contact our company’s support desk. With regard to valve caps, rear-wheel slip-on button caps, and other parts that can be delivered by mail, parts will be mailed free-of-charge (excluding some items).

Questions about warranties

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    Is User Registration necessary?

    AirBuggy stroller and child seat products all come with the User Registration Set issued by our company. After the purchase and before using our products, please complete your User Registration.
    User Registration provides customers with after-sales service under an official warranty.

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    How long is the warranty period?

    With the exception of certain products, the official warranty period is two years for the stroller frame and one year for the seat/tires. For details, please check the Warranty Regulations provided in the Instruction Manual (included with the product).

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    In what situations does the warranty apply?

    As a general rule, with regard to problems with the frame or seat despite normal use, repair services are provided free-of-charge within the warranty period. After the warranty period, repair fees apply. In addition, general repairs are free under the warranty in case the problem impedes normal operation of the stroller; however, minor scratches and wear-and-tear due to aging deterioration, damage caused by natural disasters, deliberate damage or alterations, and theft are not covered by the warranty. For details, please check the Warranty Regulations provided in the Instruction Manual.

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    What if there is an initial defect?

    Although we have a thorough inspection system for manufacturing and delivering our products, in very rare cases, products are damaged during transportation or sets are incomplete. In the case that you discover a malfunction or defect or that sets are incomplete after purchasing the product from an official store and before using it, as a general rule we will repair or exchange the product at the company’s expense as an initial defect when the problem is reported within one (1) month from the date of purchase. In addition, as a general rule the company will bear any delivery costs that are incurred in such cases.

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    Does the warranty cover strollers passed on from friends or bought at an auction?

    As a general rule, repair fees apply for all products that have changed hands or been resold, regardless of whether or not they have an initial defect.

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    The product was stolen.

    We apologize, but theft of a product is not covered by the warranty, regardless of the warranty period. After purchase, customers are asked to store and manage the product so that there is no risk of theft.

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